Yale-NUS College Information Technology (Yale-NUS IT) furthers the mission of the College by supporting the technological needs of the community of learning and enabling the effective use of technology in teaching, learning, research, and administration.

As a part of the Educational Resources and Technology (ERT) department, our vision is designed to enable the College’s mission of redefining liberal arts and science education for a complex, interconnected world by providing world class services to the Yale-NUS community of learning.


Our Mission

Enable. Impact. Inspire.

Our mission is to enable the Yale-NUS community of learning through the use of simple, secure, and accessible Information Technology solutions. We aim to inspire new and effective ways of working and learning by focusing on initiatives that will have a profound and positive impact on the community.


Our Values


We seek to always engage our community of learning in the design and delivery of IT solutions and services.


We will continue to develop relationships across the College, the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Yale University and further collaborations with local partners, organisations and other international higher education IT communities to maximise the value we bring to Yale-NUS College.


We will hold ourselves accountable for delivering excellent services and solutions we can be proud of, striving to continuously improve our services and solutions.


We will deliver on our promises by setting clear goals and priorities that are fiscally responsible, mission-aligned, and secure.


We will challenge the status quo and seek out different perspectives and new ways of thinking and working.

Our Principles

In line with our values, our principles seek to guide our strategic directions, objectives, and initiatives.

People First

We will put people ahead of technology as we design human-centred IT services and solutions.

Continuous Improvement

We will engage the community as we look to continuously improve our services and solutions.


We will offer IT services and solutions that are easy to use and implement, avoiding unnecessary complexity in designing business processes and IT solutions.